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Virtual Server Backup Solution

Data is probably the most valuable asset a company has, but for many companies the process of looking after this data is still reliant on old fashioned techniques

  • Are the tapes useable
  • Has the backup worked
  • File restores are problematic, slow and take valuable time
  • Changing tapes 
  • Are you sure the tapes are readable?
  • Is the back-up window long enough?
  • Off-site copies donít go off-site straight away

The Vaulting Service

The Vaulting service is fundamentally a  tape libraries each at a separate location for added data security. 

Each night, at a pre-defined time, our servers automatically contact the Vault and carries out a comparison of files held on the server with files held by Vault. Changed data is then transmitted to the Vault as a true image. 

If you need to restore files simply contact our support team who will be happy to help.

Key Benefits

  • Security - no physical transportation of data

  • Storage - Backup Data is replicated to another physical location

  • Reliability - back-up is automated, no need to allow for human error

  • Confidentiality - secure communication links direct from server to Vault

  • Easy Management - you decide when and what you want to be backed-up

  • Automatic - you need take no further action

  • Fast data retrieval - on-line access to stored data files


  • Free it's included in your virtual server account



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