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Microsoft Access 2000


Virtual Server - Features
Customisable Domain
Control Panel
  • Your logo is displayed, support contact details are displayed throughout the control panel.
  • Create up to 2 separate Control Panel Groups.
  • Choose menu background colours, font and font colour.
  • You decide what menu options are displayed.
  • Ability to assign a Control Panel Group to individual domains.
  • Add additional URL links your Control Panel Groups.
Domain Name Transfer Transfer of existing of existing domain name to our administration is free of charge.
Domain Pointers - Unlimited Subject to an annual charge depending on the option chosen.
Disk Space
Data Transfer
With each hosted domain we increment your available disk space by 50MB. In addition your data transfer quota is incremented by 2 GB per hosted domain per month. Disk space and bandwidth is aggregated across all your domains.
Active Server Pages, .Net framework 1.1, Ad Rotator Component, NewMail Object (CDONTS Library), File Access Component, Browser Capabilities Component, ADO Database Access Component
ODBC and DSN's Access 2000, Databases, SQL Server 2000 (optional)
Unlimited DSN's or DSNLess connections,
Perl Scripts\CGI-BIN Perl 5.50 
Other Components
ServerOjects - ASPMail, ASPPop3, ASPSock, ASPHttp
Persits - ASPUpload
ActiveState - Perl for Win32
Unlimited Web Site maintenance via FTP
FrontPage 98/2000
Drumbeat and UltraDev
Visual InterDev 
Email Services Unlimited POP3 Email, Aliases and Forwarding. Auto-responders - Configurable via web based interface. Please note due to improved security our SMTP service is only available via our own 0845 Internet Access.
Website Analysis Hourly analysis of your log files via Media House Live Stats
Real Media Server choreographed multimedia presentations -- RealAudio 8, Real Video 8, Flash animation, images, slides, and streaming text
Technical Support All servers are monitored 24 * 7 
Technical support is via our Support System - 
Urgent issues - you can telephone Tech Support on  0870 747 6550..
Network Monitoring
Backbone Multi-redundant  burstable  internet connection.
Both servers and external networks are monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 99.9% Network Guarantee
Daily Backup Backup's are taken daily via a data Vaulting service. Backups are automated and stored at a separate location. 

Own SSL Certificate  UKUHost are a Thawte partner and can take care of the application process on your behalf. When an SSL is issued it is installed on the server under a separate IP address. An annual charge which includes the Thawte certificate is applicable.
Database and ASP Consultancy We have an extensive range of support services that can help you deliver  
COM/DCOM Objects

If there is a particular commercially available component that any of your web sites can benefit from please let us know. We will be happy to consider there addition to our component range or as a single source for your own sites.

To request for a component to be registered, please send an email to support@ukuhost.co.uk with specific details about the component. 

Certain components can cause stability problems on our servers and will only be installed subject to our approval. 

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the registering of components.


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